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Training Programs

There's often a gap between the formal language of EPA regulations and ASTM standards and "on the job" experience for environmental professionals. EnviroLearn seeks to bridge that gap by providing context and examples to help newer environmental professionals navigate projects they will encounter in the real world. 

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Keith Egan, Environmental Consultant at AESOP Inc.

"The EnviroLearn product is an excellent tool to teach people the requirements and components of an ASTM Phase I.  It will save consulting companies a lot of time teaching new staff the process, especially considering this training is almost always occurring as staff come and go.  It also avoids the issues related to the trainer, often being the last one who was trained, who might miss something or is not as familiar with the process as they should be.  EnviroLearn standardizes the training, reduces the chances of missed information, misinformation and bias, and allows training to occur as schedule allows.  I highly recommend this product."

Training Programs

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